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  1. Keep it Up!
  2. $ matters... Car Ownership
  3. Considerations for 2nd Hand or Used Cars
  4. Cars and Babes
  5. Hot Spots
  6. COE Predictions Corner
  7. Automotive Empires
  8. What you want/like in a car, ReAlLy?
  9. Taxi Drivers
  10. What's ur favorite/dream car?
  11. Police: Email on handphone driving a hoax
  12. Best night spots to "see stars"
  13. Volunteer cop killed by truck
  14. 2nd hand/used car market: a dying trade?
  15. U r driving too fast if this happens...
  16. BBT... Anyone going?
  17. Photos taken at Big Boyz Toyz: Cars I
  18. Photos taken at Big Boyz Toyz: Cars II
  19. Photos taken at Big Boyz Toyz: Cars, Motor bikes & rims
  20. FHM Babes @ BBT
  21. Hankook Babes @ BBT
  22. If you buy a new car, would your wife/mistress/family love you more?
  23. 39th Tokyo Motorshow
  24. Babes @39th Tokyo Motorshow
  25. Road Ethics
  26. remember to belt up
  27. Half-hourly overnight parking extended to 7am from next year
  28. COE prices drop...
  29. New car models for 2006?
  30. Funny pictures...
  31. Car buyers throng showrooms on Christmas Day
  32. Isuzu Gemini Ads
  33. International Auto Show @ Detriot
  34. COE going downhill again...
  35. Civic Euro Advertisement
  36. What angle do you position your side mirrors?
  37. Tai Tai Benz Driver!!!
  38. Least Safe car 2006
  39. What would you do if some1 carjack you?
  40. 4 days of downtime at LTA (Feb 23 - Feb 28)
  41. Better/best Car Insurance?
  42. No more $10,000 COE?
  43. Cop sends SMS while driving
  44. What's the average waiting time for delivery of new car?
  45. Motoring Jokes
  46. Motor Fest at NTU
  47. Ugly SPC stickers...
  48. Supercars @ MotorFest 2006
  49. Beckham's Son's Car
  50. Blurred windscreen at night...
  51. Strange encounter on the wheels...
  52. Can you dance like a C4?
  53. 3 wheeled electric car
  54. Test your parking skills
  55. Buying Guide to PI (Parallel Imported) Cars
  56. Fatal car crash on Mandai Road
  57. FW: Girls not to do this when send car to repair/wash
  58. Police car stopped at traffic light junction
  59. Top 10 excuses to use when caught speeding
  60. PI car owners affected due to Toyota recall
  61. Wat is he trying to do ??
  62. Initial D of the weirdest vehicles
  63. Car-nival tommorow... anyone going?
  64. Anyone watched Tokyo Drift? Nice?
  65. Bus & bus collision
  66. Most Hated Road Behaviors
  68. What Car is this?
  69. Parking space too small? No problem...
  70. Singapore Team in A1 race...
  71. Why I always leave my BMW at the garage?
  72. Impt!!!! Latest updates from Traffic Police Division
  73. Stupid drivers or Stupid system ?
  74. Conman on the run (Beware)
  75. You are Excellent!
  76. SG motorshow 2006
  77. Kelly Rowland at Singapore Motorshow
  78. Any good deals at Motorshow?
  79. Where in Singapore can we see the sunrise/sunset?
  80. Super Cool -- Millau viaduct
  81. View in sequence: Messages among car brands
  82. how to get insurer to pay instead of repair?
  83. Late Celebration of my Bday...
  84. Operation "Car Park" today...
  85. Time to sell your car...
  86. under carrriage neon
  87. 5 "DON'Ts" when you go across the Causeway
  88. Raining season is here
  89. Guess what cars are these
  90. You have won a Subaru Goodie Bag worth S$100 for your participation
  91. New cars to look out for 2007...
  92. Cool! SG may join F1 in 2008
  93. Beware: Full-day bus lanes in CBD
  94. RM20 to enter Malaysia
  95. Dangerous Roads (TP alerts)
  96. Ford is reconsidering its S$1.5b plan investment in Thailand
  97. Someone Call SPCA, this was spotted on the road!
  98. Volkswagen is the first manufacturer to take over full retail functions in Singapore
  99. Hyundai's boss gets three years' jail term
  100. LVMH to buy Ford's Aston Martin brand
  101. Spotted: Super Cars on Sg road
  102. Scratch-proof Merc
  103. Can't find a parking space? No problem...
  104. Lamborghini Factory
  105. F1 boss to discuss Singapore Grand Prix with Minister of State
  106. Car prices going up cos of fewer COEs?
  107. Motorists risk fine, jail for misuse of fog lamps
  108. Wedding on 15 Oct 2007 (ROM only)
  109. Is your HID lights illegal?
  110. KEYWAY Foldable Trunk Box Promotion
  111. Confirmed: Sg hosting F1
  112. Beautiful & Sexy Race Queens (Photos for Singapore's Preparation for F1)
  113. Fatal Accident: Can you tell what car is that?
  114. FW: fast Drivers - take note TP CAMOUFLAGE !!!
  115. Some sexy, hot sizzling photos
  116. World's Top 10 Most Expensive Cars
  117. F1: Alonso up to 'Dirty Tricks'
  118. News Release: Paying Less Road Tax...
  119. Anyone test drove the Mitsubishi EX?
  120. COE to rise, as LTA change rules on imported used cars
  121. Nice Cars in Singapore
  122. Help in Buying 2nd hand car
  123. Looking for after market fog lamps
  124. Wanted Convertible for Rental!!!
  125. Looking for wedding car for rental!!!! Nissan Murano or Lexus GS300/IS250
  126. china brands car?
  127. Cute cars anyone?
  128. HI every1
  129. Toyota Prius owner in singapore
  130. My bad experience with dealer
  131. CNG is the way to go?
  132. Attention Drivers: New Pricelist from Police
  133. World's Cheapest Car - Tata
  134. When do i receive the photocard??
  135. If Authorised Agents sell PIs, will you buy from them instead of regular PI?
  136. What's the most hip car these days?
  137. New ERP Gantries
  138. Sharp rise in Car numbers as fewer taken off the roads (Today's Straits Times)
  139. Pretty Race Queens Fr Japan
  140. Vote for the most hip car
  141. Very crafty 2nd hand dealers
  142. Euro car plates are illegal
  143. Singapore's Famous Arch
  144. *pls ask for receipt when pumping petrol in msia*
  145. Isn't ABS actually causing accidents
  146. As Gas Costs Soar, Buyers Flock to Small Cars
  147. New speed limit device or distraction?
  148. How come hatchbacks are smaller but more expensive than their sedan version?
  149. What Car NOT to buy
  150. James Bond's Car (underwater)
  151. Funny Auto Insurance Claim Excuses
  152. ERP at Orchard helped to curb traffic
  153. Police car overturn at Changi
  154. Mazda 2 better than Mercedes C-Class and Ford Mondeo?
  155. Nissan GT-R vs Audi R8
  156. F1: Mclaren vs BMW vs Ferrari
  157. Report accident within 24 hours or lose part of your NCD
  158. Take note: Problem is with THE CASHCARD
  159. Rental firms 'leasing' cars from cash-strapped owners
  160. COE prices drop across the board
  161. Beware of bus lane "snippers"
  162. How to calculate the new Road tax
  163. Why did BMW win 1st & 2nd positions at Formula 1 @ Canada Grand Prix?
  164. Would you buy a "new-used" car from PI?
  165. Higher ERP rates and new gantries from July 7
  166. Copycat / Look-alike Cars
  167. S'pore cars using Causeway may have to help fund new JB road
  168. Government doesn't make money from ERP
  169. Pricey petrol dampens appeal of 'budget' cars
  170. Customs cracks down on car importers who evade tax
  171. Get ready for another Taxi Fare Hike?
  172. CNG cars to come out of China after China-Myanmar Natural Gas Deal?
  173. More ERP gantries akan datang (coming soon)
  174. Hamilton back to No. 1 on home ground
  175. Fine of $160 and 4 demerit points for jumping queue @ checkpoint
  176. Payrise can cause 2nd round of inflation
  177. Will CNG cost as much as petrol? Why CNG price keep rising??
  178. "Look out for me" ad on TV and radio
  179. How safe is a CNG car?
  180. Water powered vehicles invented in Japan
  181. Lower car prices keep June inflation at 7.5%
  182. Vandals keen on en-bloc sale damage cars
  183. S'pore parking not as costly as in other cities
  184. Super police bikes in Shanghai
  185. Public Transport price hike again...
  186. Luxury cars surge in sale despite poor economy in Singapore
  187. Horrific crash in Cheras
  188. Joke Sharing
  189. Singapore Motorshow 2008 - A jam-packed exhibit of thrills
  190. Britain test spy-satellite to vehicles for 'pay as you drive' tax
  191. Pay $150 to use new EZ link card?
  192. Scrap your car to get COE cash rebates
  193. Cars damaged by man
  194. S'porean cars targeted in Malaysia
  195. F1 shocker: 21yr-old won Grand Prix in Italy
  196. Huper optik giving 30% Discounts?
  197. Is Sg F1 Grand Prix overpriced & overhyped?
  198. Road Closures for F1
  199. What will happen to Sg F1 if thunderstorms continue?
  200. Photos @ S'pore Motorshow '08
  201. Singapore F1 Grand Prix - Crashes & Surprise Win
  202. What's up with Messa refueling?
  203. Ferrari Driver thinks he's driving F1 on ECP after F1 race
  204. Singapore Grand Prix is a "circus" track - says Ferrari head
  205. Red Bull suspect tram put Webber out
  206. Permanent Race Track in Singapore by 2011
  207. Closure of ECP service road
  208. Heavy vehicle summons up, but is it enough?
  209. Japanese Grand Prix: Latest Updates
  210. Prospect of Green Vehicles in Singapore
  211. Rental car confiscated because ex-policeman smuggle cigratte with it
  212. Car splitted in 2 and killed 2 men in car accident.
  213. Chinese Grand Prix: Latest Updates
  214. YouTube can land you in jail for speeding
  215. COE plunge > Good time to buy a car?
  216. Another car hit a tree, this time a Mitsubishi Lancer
  217. MotoGP In Singapore Soon
  218. Brazilian Grand Prix: Latest Updates
  219. Don't Offer Duit Kopi From Now On
  220. $2 COE & what does it mean?
  221. Car theft technique: only 3 empty cans and some strings
  222. Honda confirms exit from F1
  223. Here's why hatchbacks are better for picnics and BBQs
  224. How does Banks determine who to lend money to and who not to?
  225. Honda F1 Team is bought by Mexican
  226. World's Smallest Car...
  227. California Surgeon Used Human Fat to Power Car
  228. Going Malaysia? Buckle up the passengers!
  229. Don't drink & drive
  230. Lots of Interesting (but useless) facts...
  231. No. of scrapped vehicles fell
  232. Obamamobile or Cadillac One
  233. "Good time to buy used cars"...?
  234. COE quota cut by 24% means COEs will shoot up?
  235. Would you switch your car to OPC?
  236. The auto/vehicle failures around the world
  237. Honda-Virgin F1 Racing Team?
  238. New Markings on Roads
  239. Ferrari to change dealer in Singapore?
  240. Will cars cost more with fuel efficiency test?
  241. Asian vehicles top Consumer Reports auto ranking (again)
  242. F1 Season is back!
  243. Chinese brothers built F1 car using scrap metals
  244. Why Brawn GP keeps winning?
  245. The rising cost of car insurances - Is there anyone who can do something about it?
  246. Top teams to pull out of F1?
  247. Making OPC more attractive: what's your view?
  248. Looking for Car plate ending with 2K
  249. car rental
  250. Unrestricted usage of OPC on Saturdays from Jan 25