View Full Version : Petrol Talk

  1. Fuel tank display mods get fined...
  2. Fuel Saving Tips
  3. Hybrid the way to go?
  4. How to save petrol, or even get free one...
  5. DO NOT pump full tank of petrol!
  6. Diesel cars: Would you get one?
  7. Daylight robbery?
  8. Petrol price new record high
  9. Requesting for your assistance
  10. Does Shell petrol really give more mileage like claimed in their ads?
  11. All Caltex user
  12. How to Save on Petrol
  13. still worth it to pump at JB and drive back to Sg?
  14. Luxury car drivers turned petrol stealers
  15. You think petrol prices are crazy... read this
  16. Is Diesel better than CNG?
  17. CNG Station broke down & Free CNG was given
  18. Refuelling in Malaysia? You may have to show IC first
  19. Company shd pay for petrol bills?
  20. Malaysia to prevent foreign cars to pump at petrol station within 50km fr borders
  21. Where can you pump in Malaysia?
  22. Petrol sales ban in JB postponed till 9th June
  23. Malaysia calls off petrol ban for foreign-registered vehicles
  24. Motorcycles fall prey to petrol thieves
  25. Msia's Minister: Removal of 50km petrol ban not true, it'll be on next week
  26. Petrol price hike: Things aren't better in US
  27. KL lifts ban on border fuel sales
  28. Did you get checked on 3/4 tank at checkpoints before
  29. China raises petrol prices too
  30. Johor to have separate pumps for S'pore drivers
  31. All petrol stations raise prices when oil prices is falling
  32. Oil price increase? Let's point fingers at one another
  33. Petrol & Pumping in Malaysia
  34. Petrol price dropped by 10 cents yesterday
  35. Shell and Exxon Mobil reported record high profits
  36. oil price dropped => petrol prices to drop further?
  37. No cheaper V-power as Ferrari didn't win @ Sg F1 Grand Prix?
  38. Good news: Petrol price down
  39. Pump prices down again
  40. Time to fill up your tanks... as prices set to rise??
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