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Originally Posted by waxleo View Post
Some big guns like to put words into our mouth.
Did I get it wrong, "Singaporeans dun mind paying the market rates!"
Like to ask the Datuk, who are these 'Singaporeans' he mentioned.
Crazy to pay market rates to Malaysia, rather contribute back to our own country. That's what the 3/4 tank applies. But due to cheap petrol, it is still worth it. Now charge market rates, can forget it.....
That's what politicians do, instead of saying it was a stupid idea to have the petrol ban, they'll say, Singaporeans are ok to pay more... so we set up special stations to cater to them

Here are some conspiracy theories:
  • Malaysia's trying to get even after loss of Pedra Bracah. The ban was only meant to threaten Singaporeans. So after they say they would ban, they would then announce, we are nice, we won't ban, just charge the "normal" price.
  • They realized the ban would result in loss of businesses elsewhere, hence call it off, or they have some internal conflicts and someone with big mouth talked too fast
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